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    1. Yantai Boyuan Technology Materials Co.,Ltd.

      Core concept of our corporate culture: Behave sincerely ;Work steadfastly; Develop innovatively; Prosper corporately.

      Behave sincerely

      Behave oneself primarily  with self-cognition ; explore your potential with sincerity; treat everything around with thankfulness.

      Work steadfastly

      Work steadfastly; learn earnestly; improve continuously.

      Develop innovatively

      Improve product quality and management platform based on technical and management innovation to make Boyuan remain invincible and sustainable.

      Prosper corporately

      Prosper corporately with Boyuan by leader’s guidance together with its members' contribution in a master-spirit.

      "Behave sincerely" is the basic requirement for its members; "Work steadfastly" is the principle for sustainable management; "Develop innovatively" is the core for a higher prosperity; "Prosper corporately" is the commitment for its members.

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