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    1. Yantai Boyuan Technology Materials Co.,Ltd.


      R&D talents

      Adhering to the talent-oriented concept, Boyuan has built an excellent R&D team with talents of various majors, reasonable age structure, rich work experience and strong sense of innovation by highly emphasizing on recruiting, cultivating and incenting talents , With the principle of "green and environment-care, low carbon and emission reduction, high quality and efficiency", our R&D team is committed to the R&D of eco-friendly packaging materials and supplying of eco-friendly packaging solutions in both core and common. Through years accumulation, Boyuan has established perfect talent training and innovation incentive system, effectively guaranteeing the sustainable development of the company's R&D work and the staff's enthusiasm in innovation.  


      R&D Organization

      As a hi-tech enterprise, Boyuan Technology, highly emphasizing on technical innovation and reserve as well as product research, has built Yantai Vacuum Metallized Paper Engineering Technology Research Center and Yantai Enterprise Technology Center,composing of Materials Room, Printing Room, Design Room, Information Room and Test Center within a 2000 m2 area. With high-end equipment for design, R&D, test and detection, this center invests a lot in project research and innovation of standardized construction, intellectual property rights and technical services for the core technology of high-tech products and green manufacturing in the field of eco-friendly packaging. This center has set up strict R&D project approval process, R&D budget accounting and management system, laboratory safety regulations, which enhances the management of scientific research and establishes a sound organization and powerful strength in technology innovation.


      Core Technologies

      Sticking to the path of innovation and green development, Boyuan has made a batch of internationally advanced technological achievements and over 20 authorized patents in packaging industry, including transfer vacuum metallizing, direct vacuum metallizing, electron beam curing, selective metallizing, laser anti-fake technology, and the unique electron beam technology. Meanwhile, Boyuan, eagerly responding to our nations call in the application of environmental-friendly packaging, has developed a series of eco-friendly products in packaging to meet the requirements of consumers environmental-protection psychology.



      Whole Life Cycle Eco-Friendly Management

      Boyuan Technology, provider of eco-friendly packaging solutions, is a one of the most vital enterprise committed to a complete industrial chain from brand planning, design, CPT plate making, R&D, testing to production and technical support for environment-friendly packaging materials and packaging decoration printing materials. Adhering to environmental-friendly concept from the R&D period, we produce bio-degradable and recyclable products. Based on the principle of providing the best protection and beautification to commodities as well as maximizing the brand value, we have realized the goal of reducing resources and energy through optimizing its structure and process which is favorable for the optimization of the country's energy and resource structure.


      Standardization Construction

      Boyuan applies quality safety control in a whole-life-cycle from research to marketing with a quality-orientation concept to identify the potential risks. Conducting by skilled technician , every link is strictly subject to lab test, online test and mass test based on scientific statistical analysis together with standards of its nation, industry and customers to map out the rigorous technical standards for guiding the production and testing so as to meet the customers' requirements. Meanwhile, Boyuan has built rapid customer response and evaluation mechanism to effectively ensure its standards' validity.


      Enterprise-University Cooperation (speed up the promotion and application of environment-friendly packaging materials)

      Boyuan has established long-term collaboration relationship with universities in China, industrial problems and key generic technology are chosen to be the research subject. Based on the superiority of technology, information and talents brought by the academic partners, guided by the company's actual operation and R&D requirements, the company makes collaborative innovation together with the academic partners in the field of environment-friendly packaging materials, which not only provides a good internship platform for the students to improve their professional skills, but also effectively develops the core technology in environment-friendly packaging industry, all of which will contribute to the popularization and application of the materials and give impetus to industrial transformation and upgrading to environment-friendly industry.


      New Product Development

      Based on integrated service of packaging design and innovation, Boyuan always provides its customers with high quality products and effectual value-added services, and has won the recognition of the customers. Boyuan has established cooperation relationship with worldwide high-end customers in tobacco, beer, food and other industries. These high-end customers have stable marketing channels and rapid growing business, who in return have a high demand of technology innovation ability towards their suppliers. With rich experiences, complete industry chain, powerful innovation capability, Boyuan technology develops high-end products for customers to strengthen their brand superiority and maximize their value, thus to achieve win-win cooperation.

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